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Thick Wall Expansion Joint

‚ÄčThick-walled expansion joints are also called thick-walled corrugated compensators. They generally refer to flexible parts arranged on the shell of a fixed tube-sheet heat exchange equipment to absorb the shaft caused by the different wall temperatures of the tube side and the shell side of the pressure vessel. To the displacement difference.

Product Description

Product Description

Thick-walled expansion joints are divided into single-layer and multi-layers. The ripple wave number is generally single-wave or double-wave. Diversion cylinders can be set inside according to the working conditions.

Features of thick-walled expansion joints: The wall thickness of the product is equal to the wall thickness of the equipment shell, the waveform parameters are larger, and it has a strong displacement compensation capability and a better pressure bearing capacity.The difference between the thickness and the shell thickness is small, and it is more suitable for corrosion occasions.

The thick wall expansion joint produced by Poitong expansion joint manufacturer is divided into stainless steel thick wall corrugated compensator and carbon steel thick wall corrugated compensator according to the material.

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