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Expansion Joints

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Expansion Joints

Metal expansion joints are also called "metal corrugated compensators", which are composed of one or several bellows and metal components, which are used to absorb the dimensional changes of pipes and (or) equipment caused by thermal expansion and contraction.

Product Description

Product Description

Metal pipelines will produce a certain amount of thermal expansion and contraction when transporting temperature-changing media or subjecting to environmental temperature changes. Metal expansion joints can solve the resulting pipeline size changes.

The role of metal expansion joints:

1. Compensation for thermal displacement. Absorb the elongation or shortening displacement of the pipeline due to temperature changes, ensure the constant distance between the two fixed supports and release the temperature stress, so that the pipeline can operate safely.

2. Shock absorption and noise reduction. When the equipment vibrates, the expansion joint installed between the equipment and the pipeline is equivalent to a closed spring, which isolates the transmission of equipment vibration to the pipeline and reduces structural vibration and noise.

3. Protect the equipment. The installation of corrugated expansion joints at the inlet and outlet of equipment with strict requirements on forces can effectively reduce the force of the pipeline on the inlet and outlet of the equipment.

4. Improve the tightness of the flange connection. Effectively reduce the stress of flange connecting bolts and improve sealing performance.

There are many types of metal expansion joints, and the expansion joint products suitable for the working conditions should be selected according to the technical parameters such as pressure, temperature and medium combined with the working conditions.

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