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The role of metal bellows expansion joint

Aug. 20, 2022

Bellows expansion joint consists of one or more bellows and members used to absorb pipe and equipment size changes due to thermal expansion and cold contraction.

Metal pipeline in the transmission of temperature changes in the medium or withstand environmental temperature changes, will produce thermal expansion and cold contraction, which causes the change of pipe size. When the pipe is constrained by the fixed support and cannot release its size variation, high temperature stress will be generated in the pipe or cause instability of the pipe.

By installing the bellows expansion joint to absorb the displacement caused by temperature changes, the equipment vibration, isolation equipment vibration transmission to the pipeline, and reduce the structure vibration noise. The bellows expansion joint is installed at the inlet and outlet of the equipment with severe stress, which can effectively reduce the force of the pipe on the inlet and outlet of the equipment. Reduce the stress of flange connection bolts and improve the sealing performance.

The role of metal bellows expansion joint

Metal bellows expansion joint has various structural forms, flexible displacement compensation and other characteristics. In the selection of bellows expansion joint, it is necessary to coordinate with the pipe fixed bracket, support and hanger, etc., the expansion joint has no structural leakage, and there is no need for maintenance and maintenance in the process of use, and regular inspection can be carried out.

The role of metal bellows expansion joint


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