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Non-metallic compensator composition structure

Sep. 05, 2022

Non-metallic compensator, also known as "fabric compensator", is a flexible connector mainly made of non-metallic materials and used to release pipe stress.

In order to be suitable for different working conditions, non-metallic compensators include two categories: one for air duct systems and the other for piping systems. Different types of non-metallic compensators have different compositions and structures. Non-metallic compensator used for air duct, its main flexible elements are composed of a variety of synthetic rubber, fluorine plastic, fiber fabric and insulation materials. Non-metallic compensators for piping systems, the flexible elements of which are made of fiber or metal reinforced fluoroplastics, also known as rubber expansion joints.

Non-metallic compensators for smoke, steam and hot air pipes are usually composed of rings, frames, pressure plates, flow guides, heat insulation packing packs and fasteners. Different structural parts play different roles: ring belt, also known as "skin", is a flexible element to reduce vibration and absorb pipe displacement. A metal member of a frame used to support the skin and accommodate an insulating packing pack. A metal strip used to fasten a ring band to a frame or to connect a pipe. The installation of the guide cylinder needs to be selected according to the medium used to prevent dust or particulate matter in the medium to wear the ring belt and insulation packing layer of the closed cylindrical metal components. An insulating cotton coated with wire mesh or fiber cloth that is filled in a cavity formed by a ring belt, a frame, and a guide tube.

Non-metallic compensator composition structure

The pipe system of liquid medium requires full sealing, with rubber ball as the main working element, combined with flange and bearing component.

Non-metallic compensators are installed in the pipeline system to compensate the displacement of the pipeline system, reduce structural vibration, reduce noise and protect the pipeline system.

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