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Transverse Small Pull Rod Corrugated Compensator

Transverse small tie rod corrugated compensator belongs to a metal corrugated compensator, used to compensate the transverse displacement is also called a small tie rod transverse corrugated expansion joint.

Product Description

Product Description

Transverse Small Pull Rodcorrugated compensator is also called the small pull rod horizontal corrugated expansion joint, which is composed of two groups of stainless steel bellows, the middle pipe, the two ends of the pipe and the small pull rod.Flanged connection method also need to add flange.

The TXL transverse small pull rod corrugated compensator adopts a multi-layer one-time hydraulic forming process, which can compensate the composite displacement in the axial, angular, lateral and all directions. The small pull rod cannot withstand the internal pressure thrust. According to customer requirements, wear-resistant (wear-resistant deflector tube/wear-resistant ceramic) small tie rod corrugated compensator can be manufactured. Lateral displacement is the relative displacement between one end and the other end of the bellows in the vertical direction. Single bellows can have lateral displacement, but the displacement is very small. A good solution is to adopt double bellows. The result is that the amount of lateral displacement compensation increases and the force decreases.

Purpose: The small tie rod corrugated compensator can not only compensate the lateral displacement and angular displacement of the bent pipe, but also compensate the axial displacement.

Model: DN100-DN8000 produced by our company

Pressure level: 0.1Mpa-2.5Mpa

Connection mode: 1. Flange connection type 2. Takeover connection type

Lateral compensation: 90mm-537mm

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