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Stainless Steel Metal Hose

Stainless steel metal hose is also called metal soft connection, which is composed of stainless steel bellows, net sleeves, joints, etc., which can compensate displacement, shock and noise while connecting in pipelines or equipment.

Product Description

Product Description

Five elements for the selection of stainless steel metal hose:

1. Size: Nominal diameter of hose, joint type and size, hose length.

2. Pressure The actual working pressure of the hose.

3. Medium Enter the chemical properties of the medium.

4. Temperature The working temperature and range of the medium in the hose; the ambient temperature when the hose is working. At high temperatures, the maximum allowable pressure at the working temperature needs to be determined according to the temperature correction coefficient, and the correct pressure level has been determined to be selected.

5. Condition According to the condition of the hose when it is used, refer to the correct installation method of the hose, the calculation of the length of the hose in various motion states and the minimum bending radius of the hose, etc., select the hose length normally and install it correctly.

In the selection of stainless steel metal hose, can choose one end of the loose flange connection mode.For the welded stainless steel metal hose, attention should be paid to protecting the surface of the metal hose during welding to avoid damage to the stainless steel metal hose caused by welding slag and arc ignition.The stainless steel metal hose shall be kept horizontal during installation and shall not be twisted.Do not have bends or dead bends.After the hydraulic test, should prevent the impact of rust block, sediment containing chloride ions deposition, resulting in corrosion and damage.

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