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Rectangular Ripple Compensator

Rectangular ripple compensator is a rectangular flexible element composed of one or more rectangular corrugations and a rectangular nozzle at the end. It is widely used in pipes or equipment with rectangular cross-sections to absorb the thermal expansion and contraction caused by size of pipes or equipment.

Product Description

Rectangular Ripple Compensator


Features of  Rectangular Ripple Compensator


  • Easy installation and maintenance.

  • Shock and noise absorption, as well as heat and dust insulation.

  • Deflect the displacement to prevent damage caused by subsidence of equipment base and connected brackets.

  • Reasonable structure, good elasticity, large range of compensation pipeline and little counterforce to the brackets of pipelines.


Application of Rectangular Ripple Compensator

Rectangular ripple compensator is often used in low-pressure pipelines with a design pressure of ≤0.05Mpa. The medium is mostly hot air, dust-containing SO2, etc., and can be displaced in axial, lateral and angular directions. It is widely used in electric power, metallurgy, petrochemical, cement and other industries. On flue, air duct, flue gas desulfurization and other piping systems.


Rectangular Ripple Compensator is divided into single axial type and compound free type, bellows common waveforms are V type and U type. The rectangular expansion joint design pressure is low, mainly rectangular bellows design, the rest of the end of the rectangular pipe and other structural parts of the design is relatively simple.When the design pressure is high, the operation of the rectangular bellows is mainly affected by displacement, stress concentration at the corner, corrosion, high temperature and other factors. The design of the compensator manufacturer should consider comprehensively the material selection, design calculation, structural design and other aspects.

Rectangular Ripple Compensator


Function of Rectangular Ripple Compensator

When pipeline cross the foundation beam or basement wall under the pressure, rectangular ripple compensator needs to be installed to avoid base falling or collapsing.

> If the heating pipe is too long, rectangular ripple compensator needs to be installed to reduce pipeline stretching caused by thermal expansion and cold contraction.






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