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Double Sphere Rubber Expansion Joint

Double ball rubber soft joint belongs to a kind of rubber soft joint, which can reduce vibration and noise.Restricted by the temperature resistance of rubber, the applicable temperature range of rubber expansion joint depends on the temperature resistance of rubber and reinforced fiber.

Product Description

Product Description

The double sphere rubber expansion joint is a joint composed of an inner rubber layer, a reinforced layer with a multi-layer scraped nylon cord fabric, and an outer rubber layer composite rubber tube.Also called rubber soft connection

The double sphere rubber expansion joint can reduce vibration and noise, and can compensate for thermal expansion and contraction caused by temperature changes. Compared with metal compensators, rubber joints have better displacement and flexibility, and are suitable for occasions with larger displacements and shorter installation lengths; rubber expansion joints have good corrosion resistance and are suitable for seawater, sewage, and acid, Corrosive media pipelines such as alkali components.

When installing the rubber soft connection, attention should be paid to the fixed support, guide support and load-bearing support of the pipes on both sides of the soft connection. The construction should be carried out according to the design requirements.When installing the rubber soft connection, it should be in a natural straight state, and its deformation is not allowed to compensate the installation deviation of the pipeline.For soft connections with flow requirements, the flow indication of the rubber soft connection should be consistent with the flow direction of the pipeline medium.

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