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Axial type high temperature ripple compensator

Axial type high temperature compensator belongs to metal corrugated compensator, which can compensate the axial deformation of high temperature pipe. Compared with other metal compensators, high temperature metal compensator is suitable for high temperature environment.

Product Description

Product Description

The axial type high temperature ripple compensator is a metal bellows, which can compensate the axial deformation of the high temperature pipeline. The axial type compensator is composed of one or two sets of stainless steel bellows and carbon steel connectors. Because the high temperature compensation must withstand high temperatures, The high temperature part is composed of a refractory layer and two parts. It can meet the needs of users for products to withstand high temperatures and product life.

Pressure range: 0.1-0.6MPa

Temperature range: ≤1300 degrees Celsius

Diameter range: DN300-DN4000mm

The metal bellows compensator should be inspected regularly during its use to check whether the surface of the bellows compensator has corrosion, scratches, cracks and external excess that may interfere with the normal movement of bellows.Whether there is excessive displacement deformation (stretching or compression).

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