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Guide-cleaning Bellows Extend the Life of Your Machinery

May. 11, 2022

In any industry, guide-cleaning bellows extend the life of your machinery and play a fundamental role, because the use of machinery is closely related to everyday life, which is why good use, cleaning and maintenance can lead to stable work and productivity.

In addition, thanks to such measures, unnecessary or unexpected costs associated with the repair or replacement of the company's machines, which are usually very expensive, are avoided.


What is the use of guide cleaning bellows?

This type of bellows for cleaning guideways is mainly used to maintain and protect the guideways of machinery.

Not surprisingly, with this type of machinery and equipment, dirt, shavings and residues of the raw materials used can clog and damage these moving systems. For this reason, it is important to take into account that the rails operating with clean bellows suffer much less damage and can extend their service life. These track cleaners are designed to remove large amounts of debris and other material residues.


Guide-cleaning Bellows Extend the Life of Your Machinery

The axial internal pressure type ripple compensator(TNY) is composed of a bellows and two-end connection pipes.


Guide cleaning bellows improve the safety of the working environment.

This is another benefit of using bellows as a guide, as its use can greatly improve the safety of the work environment.

By protecting machines from unforeseen breakdowns, you can increase the protection of your employees while reducing the number of workplace accidents by reducing damage that can become serious.


How to build this type of bellows

They are manufactured in such a way that they have a stainless steel profile covered with a high quality polyurethane gasket that makes them very resistant to wear, thus facilitating sliding on the guide rails and improving dragging of different particles and materials. deposited on them, such as chips, oil and/or coolants, acid and alkali solutions.

Together with their machines they achieve excellent results and perfect operation. It should be said that the use of other elements such as aluminum louvers and different types of bellows is considered very important for the proper operation of the machine, depending on what type of machinery you use, to ensure stability, safety and proper performance of your industry's activities.


Guide-cleaning Bellows Extend the Life of Your Machinery


Benefits of using guided cleaning bellows.

The guided cleaning system of the machine is necessary and considered essential.

We will list the advantages obtained thanks to its use, so that, in a more visual way, we know what we can achieve.

● Adaptability, since they can be used on any model of machine

● They improve the safety conditions in the working environment, since they avoid possible accidents by keeping the rails clean and free of blockages or obstructions.

● They help to maintain production rhythm and resource optimization, because by breaking down less, we do not stop the workflow and thus obtain greater profitability.

● They allow you to save a lot of maintenance or replacement costs because by protecting the machines, they work better and break down less, thus reducing repair costs and time.



In industries where the use of machinery is crucial, the systems that will make its smooth and continuous production a reality should not be overlooked.

For this reason, you must have good control over the condition, maintenance and replacement of moving elements, which will allow you to achieve 100% machine performance every day.

Dealing with us on this occasion is to make the industry aware of using this guided cleaning bellows solution.

Just as we are concerned about the condition of the wheels of our cars, not to have mechanical failures, to make the vehicle last longer and handle more comfortably, mainly so that we do not have accidents on the road, they should not neglect to clean your machine systems using guided cleaning bellows to extend their life and reap the benefits they offer us.


Do you pay attention to the condition of your industrial machinery bellows? If you have any questions about Botou TongYong Bellows Manufacturing Co., Ltd. we will be happy to help you.


Guide-cleaning Bellows Extend the Life of Your Machinery

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