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Characteristics of metal hoses

Oct. 10, 2022

A metal hose with bellows as the core element, installed in pipes or equipment to compensate or absorb vibration. The reason why it can be widely used in a variety of pipeline systems is because it has and several characteristics:

1. The inner bellows make the metal hose flexible and scalable. According to the use environment and parameters, the material matching with it is selected.

2, the outer layer of the woven net cover can protect the inner layer of the bellows, so that it has a high pressure capacity.

3, the connection mode can choose flange, pipe, thread and clamp and other forms, convenient connection can be used for a variety of fluid medium pipeline.

4, the bending radius of the metal hose is small, flexible between the end, bending resistance, with lateral pressure resistance.

5, the use of pipe butt welding connection, no leakage problem, high strength, long service life, suitable for high pressure working conditions. Often used in petrochemical, pharmaceutical and other working environment.

6, one end is flat welding flange, the other end is loose flange structure. The connection is convenient and the bolts are easily aligned, preventing the metal hose from twisting.

Characteristics of metal hoses

Metal hose selection needs to take into account the use, size, working medium, pressure, temperature, vibration characteristics of the system, type of displacement, value and frequency; Product installation method, bending radius and environmental status.

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